Welcome to the Official website of Abhyudaya Multispeciality Hospital. We developed this website to give information about Ayurveda, Suvarna Prashan Sanskar, Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Infertility, Kidney Stone, Hydrocele, Hernia, Appendix in simple language. The hospital is managed by Dr. Praveen Sahave & Dr.Puja Sahave with the blessing of almighty and your valuable patronage we would like to express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude for having trusted us for past so many years in patient management. We also provide other facilities like Vat treatment, Skin treatment, Ksharsutra Therapy, Premature graying of hair, weight loss therapy. We Are treating piles with BIEM Laser Technology and also by Ayurveda. Visit Abhyudaya for best counseling and treatment of piles. We sincerely seek blessings from you all before stepping into this new venture and providing quality medical care.




  • I was suffering through piles for many years, I had taken so many treatments and medicines but I did not get any result. Then I heard about Dr. Sahave. I booked an appointment, and I felt Satisfied after talking with him. Dr .Sahave did my operation with laser technology. It's absolutely painless and effective. Now I am perfectly fine.
    Pandurang Nikode , age 75 years
  • I had a fistula problem, and I had 2 operations before coming to Dr. Sahave. Though I had 2 operations but I had not recovered properly. Then Dr. Sahave did my operation with laser technology and now I feel that I have been completely cured. This has only been possible with Dr. Sahave and his laser treatment.
    Mr. Navghade, Narsala ,Nagpur
  • I was suffering through piles since the last 20 years and I also had a sugar problem along with it. Dr. Sahave suggested me laser treatment for piles and now I am completely fine and my sugar also in control because of Ayurvedic medicines.
    Balakrushna Ingole, Besa Nagpur
  • I was suffering through fistula Problem, I went to Dr. Sahave For the treatment and I am now fully cured of piles because of Dr. Sahave’s laser treatment and Ayurvedic medicines.
    .Praful S. Fatale, Pimpalgaon


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